Up to date Rates and fees are below for our Credit Agreement and Lease products:

Current Interest Rate:



Current Interest Rate: 
(per annum fixed for the term of your contract)



Establishment Fee:


Establishment Fee:
(Costs to establish a Credit Agreement or Business Lease)
PPSR Search Fee:
(Costs to confirm there is not an existing security interest)
PPSR Registration Fee:
(Costs to register our security interest)


Credit Fees & Charges:



Loan Variation Fee:
(if and when we agree to vary your agreement)                             


Loan Assignment Fee:
(if and when we agree to an assignment of your agreement)


Account Closing Fee:
(when you pay us back)


Refund Fee:
(if and when we refund an early payment you make)


Late Return Fee (leases):
(if you do not return the vehicle to us at lease end)

see sample lease  
Full prepayment Fee:
(If and when you repay your loan early calculated using formula in the agreement)
see sample agreement  


Default Rates & Fees:



Default Rate is the higher of  3% above your annual interest rate OR 12.95% per annum


Dishonour Fee
(if any payment is dishonoured)


Repossession Warning Notice:
(When we send you the Notice)


Post Possession Notice:
(When we send you the Notice)


Repossession Agent:
(if we engage in a repossession agent)



*Rates and Fees are in New Zealand Dollars and subject to change at any time.

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